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Freshly churned butter made just for you!

In addition to these Key Nutrition facts, here’s a few more.

*No Added Preservatives
* Zero Carbs in our butters (Except for Cinnamon & Maple & Salted Caramel)

Gluten free
Gluten free

Grain free
Grain free

Keto friendly
Keto friendly

High protein
High protein


Zero carbs
Zero carbs

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We love Butter
``love the butter! combines so well with almost anything!``
Sumit Pathak

Butter in my viens
“5 stars Butter experience, makes every meal taste so much more better!”
Avantika Gupta

My Butter half to my meals
“I have found my new love to flavor, with the B Butter's freshly churned products, it changes the way butter was typically experienced.”
Hassanain Anver


Find the answers you are looking for!

Is your butter freshly made?

As fresh as can be physically possible. Our butters are dispatched literally the next day after churning! There’s a reason why it tastes the way it does!

Is the butter gluten free?

Yeah! Although butter is naturally gluten-free, some flavourings and added preservatives may introduce gluten into the mix. Our butters have no added artificial flavours of any kind and definitely no added  preservatives. There is absolutely no risk of you coming across any gluten in our delicious butters!

How much butter is there per jar?

As of now, our butters come in one size of 125g per container. We will soon be introducing smaller and more tempting sizes, and some larger sizes, for all your butter needs and wants!

How long is the shelf life?

Once you order, a sealed box can be kept in the refrigerator for 45 days without any change to the butter itself. Once opened, we recommend that our butters be consumed within 30 days. Of course, we know you will finish I much faster!

Note: Garlic & Herb should be consumed within 20 days once opened due to the inclusion of natural herbs.

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