Returns & Refund Policy

So you didn’t like what you got? We are indeed very sorry. If the flavour doesn’t work for you and doesn’t tickle you in the right places, we will totally understand. In good faith, we will replace the butter that does not excite you with another flavour. We will also take the unexciting butter away from your sights, put a dunce cap on its head and banish it into the corner of the room.

Although we do not provide refunds, we will consider that on a case-by-case basis. You may get in touch with us at with your order number in the subject line. We truly wish to see you happy and hopelessly addicted to our butters. So do let us know what you think.

Refunds and replacements of any kind will be unavailable if the product has not been properly stored or refrigerated and has suffered the wrath of the environment and the myriad germs in it.

We do not provide refunds or discounts for any shipping delays as this is not directly under our control. We do understand the urgency of getting our butters on to your tongues and will do everything in our power to satiate your every need!

If you are one of the lucky ones, you may receive our discount codes that can be handily redeemed for any order. If you have received a code but forgot to use it, you may email us anytime to get a refund of the claimable discount amount. Please email us at with your order number in the subject line.


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